Med-Jumbo Balloon Art Kit DIY

Med-Jumbo Balloon Art Kit DIY


This kit is a 'do it yourself' custom Balloon Art set. Kit lets you choose custom balloon colors and Length. Includes 12 inch, 18 inch and 36 inch balloons as well as all the other tools, supplies and picture instructions for assembly.

Choose as many balloon colors as you like! Use the text area to write in custom colors. See last image in listing for available colors.

This kit has special supplies to make the construction very easy! It takes zero balloon art skills. One set takes about 2 hours to complete if only one person is assembling and balloons are blown by hand. Kit can be made multiple days ahead of time if installed indoors. You can also purchase an electric air pump and clip ties on amazon for about $15. 


Additional tools for hanging onto trees, fences, walls or ceilings are not included. It's up to you for the installation process and tools.


Balloon size included varies. Example: every 6 feet includes thirty 12 inch, two 18 inch and one 36 inch.


These make beautiful party backdrops for tables and photo booths! Great for all occastions! Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, bachlorettes and etc. Fits with any custom theme!


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