Custom Backdrop Kit

Custom Backdrop Kit


This is a DIY kit that is cut and ready to assemble. It's super easy and is customized to your party color needs. Each order includes SIX 12 inch wide chevron fringe pieces. Choose your color one by one and in the amount of orders you need of each color. Each chevron piece is then attached to one another using the picture instrutions and tools provided.


This kit includes detailed picture instructions on assembly. See last image for easy instructions.  Each piece has already been cut and fringed for you. All that is required is connecting each section to one another using the tools provided and attach to wall. The adhesive included in this kit is strong enough to hold onto most surface areas until you intentionally remove.


Each order includes 6 twelve inch long fringed and chevron cut crepe wedge. The non metallic is made from a sturdy crepe paper that is very forgivable but light weight for hanging. Each 12 inch section is 9 inches long at the peak and 5 inches at the shortest point. The metallic 12 inch sections are 13 inches at its longest point and 8 inches at the shortest.


For measurement guidelines, and assistance in figuring out how many sets of 6 you need, the garlands that you will create by connecting the sections are usually spaced out 6 inches from the next garland above/below it. Decide how many rows you want and how long you want each of them. Multiply those numbers to get how many sections you'll need. Example: If you want 8 rows at 6 feet across each, then you will want 48 total sections. Each listing includes 6 sections. 48 divided by 6 = 8 orders.


Detailed Math Example:

As an example: if you want to cover a 6 foot wide and 4 foot tall space -

48 inches (4ftx12in= 48in) divided by 6 inches = 8 Garlands

8 Garlands at 6 foot long each= 48 feet of garland total

48 divided by set of 6 = 8 sets total in whichever desired colors




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